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Suburbanite & college dropout turned farmer, sharing farm life while teaching others

If I could only wear one pair of muck boots for the rest of my life I would without a doubt choose the Muckster II Mid.



I grew up and lived in the suburbs until age 21, and while I still call it home, I never really felt like I fit in. While finishing my freshman year of college, my dad decided to buy the farm. I loved everything about it but still hadn’t planned on it being a big part of my future. After dropping out of college in 2011, I was still unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and for a career. The timing coincided with my uncle deciding to leave the farm. Impulsively, I packed up my things and moved to the farm to run everything while my dad was still working to provide for my family.  

I didn’t grow up on a farm let alone with farm animals, so when I decided to run the farm I had to teach myself as much as possible in a short period of time. I didn’t learn everything that I know overnight. It’s taken a lot of failures along the way to learn what does and doesn’t work, and I’m still learning. No matter how many times I succeed or fail, I continue learning and teaching those around me. And I think that is what I love most.

My days are usually spent working on the never ending list of projects and daily chores on the farm. Each day begins with letting the goats and chickens out into the pasture, filling up water buckets and tanks, feeding the dogs, tending to the garden and any other items needing maintenance or work. We practice controlled rotational grazing so at the end of the day I bring all of the animals back to the barnyard for the evening while the dogs patrol the pastures and perimeter to keep predators at bay, giving me peace of mind when I’m not around.

We are still working on completing our farmhouse so I commute to and from my hometown and the farm each day. It’s a lot of work just commuting everyday, but I’m finally doing something I love where I feel like I belong.

My first pair of Muck boots came from Tractor Supply, nearly 8 years ago. I wore the Chore boot every day and the Wetland boots in the winter. My favorite pair would have to be the Muckster II Mid! Of all of the boots I’ve worn they are the most versatile and lightweight for the chores I’m completing on a daily basis.

I have yet to find another work boot that fits every single one of my needs for every season. When you work outside every day out of the year the footwear needed can vary from day to day and season to season. Muck boot company has had my back, and more importantly, my feet, covered and I have yet to find a footwear company that offers not only the variety but customer service that they do.

If I could only wear one pair of muck boots for the rest of my life I would without a doubt choose the Muckster II Mid. I get overheated very easily, and they are perfect for work in the fields when the ground is dry as well as in the garden while still having the ability to fold down when it’s just a little too hot out and I still need to keep my feet protected.

Fun fact about me… We have had over 300 goats over the past 8 years and I can still name and identify every single one.

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